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9 Empowering Tips: Week 2 – Take Control of Your Thoughts

Week 2:  Take Control of Your Thoughts and Recognize Your Emotional Attachment to Food

Every day we are confronted with controlling our thoughts and making good, healthy, food decisions. Have you ever thought about how luring aromas impact our senses?
Think about the smell of popcorn at the theatre, or fresh baked donuts from a local bakery, or those French fries from your favorite fast food place. How about the influence of our visual sense? “Oh that food looks delicious!” Notice how we connect food to feelings? Start today to control your thoughts and feelings about food. It takes some work, but you can have victory in this area. The first place to start, is to recognize the battleground. In the early stages of our quest to eating healthier, we cut out the sugar.  When we cut out sugar, we were surprised at how quickly the cravings subsided. Was it easy?  No.  Was it possible?  Yes!  Our sugar cravings soon were replaced with cravings for healthy foods, and that’s a craving we all want to have!  If you are looking to make a major change in your life find an accountability partner.  Your accountability partner could be your spouse or a close friend, whoever it may be they can be a great encouragement if you both do this together.

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