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9 Empowering Tips: Week 3 – Attitude Adjustment

9 Empowering Tips:  Week 3 – Attitude Adjustment – You are What You Eat and Think

I have often thought the word diet seems to have a negative connotation to it, after all…die is actually part of the word.  Often times when we think of dieting or making a major lifestyle change we head down a negative path right from the start.

Who wants to deny themselves of their favorite food? It’s so hard! Once again, I want to remind us, we have control of our thoughts and attitudes every day. We can choose joy, and experience happiness, or we can let our thoughts and emotions run wild and become a negative, bitter, not-so-fun-to-be-around person. Let’s choose a healthy attitude about eating pure, whole food. It’s not about denying us anything, it is about feeding our brains and body the needed essential nutrients (whether food or good thoughts). Start your day with a positive attitude. Upon waking, think of 3 to 5 things you’re thankful for and begin your day with those thoughts.  You will find thinking positive thoughts will help give you a positive attitude – which makes a world of difference in all areas of your life!

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