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9 Empowering Tips: Week 6 – Food or Pharmacy

9 Empowering Tips:  Week 6 – Food or Pharmacy – Is the Cost too Great?

The number one thing people bring up when talking about eating pure, whole foods is the cost.  Often times we hear, “I want to eat healthy, but I just can’t afford it.”  We believe most people are living in the “right now” and are only thinking about the next “big thing” they want to do or purchase.  They might not realize that the reward for spending a little more for whole food (as pure and close to it’s natural form as possible), could reap big health benefits in their future.  The reward might not be immediate, but it is well worth the cost.  Years ago, we chose to be part of a buying club and ordered fresh organic veggies that were delivered to our coop (before the coop had a facility to carry fresh produce).  We would bring our preschoolers and they would help sort out the produce for each family.  Do you suppose that choice may have helped us not be on any prescription medications now when most people our age are on multiple pharmaceuticals?

We think you might be surprised to learn that when you take the time to figure out the cost difference between eating whole foods and processed foods, the numbers aren’t actually too far apart. You can buy LOTS of nutrient-rich, fresh vegetables that will make several meals for about the same cost as processed foods (which make fewer meals of lower nutritional value and have a much higher sugar content).  We’ve also found that when we create menu plans for our week, not only are we more organized, but we reduce our food waste…saving money!

For the next month, we’d like to challenge each of us to look at our willingness to spend money on all sorts of things that do nothing for the health of our bodies. We talked a few weeks ago about making a long term investment for our health—here is where the “rubber meets the road”.  Are you willing to spend a little extra money today on pure, fresh, whole foods? Or, do you want to spend your future savings on prescriptions for illnesses often caused by poor food choices? We realize there are no guarantees in life, but we all know there is no downside to eating more nutrient-rich food. How do you want to spend your money? Food or Pharmacy? We hope you will join us and choose food.


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