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A Thoughtful Thanksgiving Table

If you are like us, the thought of setting the Thanksgiving Table is a bit intimidating.  To make setting the table a little bit easier this holiday season, we’ve asked one of our friends (who is incredibly gifted with artistic ability and decorating), to give us some ideas on how to set a place for guests and turn the normal setting into something special.

  1. Start with what you have:  Look around your home and see what items could go together to create an interesting setting.  Grandmother’s plates, old china, and different antique pieces could be used in a variety of ways.Table Setting one

  2. Create dimension: Use different levels on your centerpiece to create interest; battery operated lights or candles can create a soft glow to your setting.Centerpiece

  3. Create name tags:  There’s nothing more inviting than having a place with your name on it.  Use fruit as a name-card holder; real vegetation creates a vibrant feel to the setting and you’ll reduce wasteful spending on decor.  For the place-setting template pictured below, click here.

  4. Have a plan:  Set out the dishes you are planning on using, along with the serving utensils, to avoid last-minute, thoughtless decisions and avoid forgetting something in the oven or fridge.Labels

  5. Have a menu: A menu is a simple and special touch for guests.  For the recipes on this menu, click on the following links:  Raspberry Cranberry Salad, Brined and Slow Roasted Turkey, Creamy Butternut Stuffed Potatoes, Pumpkin Pie Custard, and Orange Cider.


  6. Create a kid space:  Kids tables are always a hit.  Have a “Thankful Tree” as the centerpiece. Use this template for the leaves.Kids Table

  7. Keep the kid space interesting:  To anchor the “Thankful Tree”  use popcorn kernels in an empty jar.  Have an activity ready for the kids to do while they are waiting to eat (“Thankful Leaf” template found here).  Crayons and a table cloth that can be written on—like brown package paper—are always hits.  Stencil a “placemat” for the kids’ place settings.Thankful LeafKids CenterpieceCrayons

  8. Kids PlacesettingParty Favors:  Send leftovers home with guests in a cupcake box.  For the label, use leftover scrap-booking paper, as shown below, or brown packing paper.  Leftover Box



We hope these tips will give you some ideas for your holiday planning.  Do you have holiday traditions you’d like to share?  Comment on our blog and have a Happy Thanksgiving from Farm Girl Fresh!


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