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Colleen Anderson and Joyce Kaping — Farm Girl FreshFarm Girl Fresh. Eating Better for a Better You.

For the most part, cooking from scratch is nearly a lost art.  The microwave has replaced the oven and drive-thrus are ready 24/7 to take our orders.

We’re busy, busy, busy and for our “convenience”, food manufacturers are making a fortune by doing the cooking for us. Problem is, most of what’s offered is loaded with refined sugars, trans fats, artificial flavors and colors, preservatives, genetically modified materials and hormones. Where’s the “FOOD” in that?

To Farm Girl Fresh, food is best prepared and eaten in its most natural state—like back in the days our grandmas grew up—hand-picked fruits and vegetables…eggs gathered from the coop in the backyard….and milk with a thick layer of cream on top from grass-fed cows. Maybe that’s because we grew up on farms. And maybe why we married farmers…?

Don’t get us wrong though, we’re not here to tell you we’ve eaten healthy our whole lives.  In fact, the effects from processed foods are the reason this company even exists.  Both of us have had family health concerns—food sensitivities, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis, infertility, fatigue, headaches, chronic sinusitis, you name it.  We’ve seen specialists, attended conferences and read more books than we can count.

Bottom line, it all came back to “grandma was right.”  Fresh IS best.  Pure IS perfect.  And seriously?  Food IS fun, for any family!

There’s pride in growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs.  Or, there’s an adventure waiting at a Farmer’s Market near you.  And nothing is more self-gratifying than seeing your own canning jars on the shelf.  Your freezer stockpiled and your spice rack filled with your very own creations.

You don’t have to live on a farm to be “Farm Girl Fresh.”  You don’t have to change your life overnight or spend a bunch of money.  You just have to want to explore a simpler time.  Get your hands a little dirty.  Bring out those pots and pans.  Cook some amazing food with pure, fresh ingredients.  And be healthy.

We’re here to show you how. Welcome to the table!

P.O. Box 331
Litchfield, MN 55355

Phone: 320-434-1510

Joyce Kaping & Colleen Anderson

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