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Apple Chips

Was your apple tree overzealous in production this year? Or like me, did you find yourself purchasing apples every time you went to the store? I couldn’t resist those locally grown beauties and now I have an abundance of apples in my refrigerator. Are you wondering what to do with these apples? You might want to turn them into an apple pie, applesauce, apple crisp or apple chips (Check out our book for more apple recipes).

Over the years, apple chips have become a family favorite. My Sunday afternoons are often filled with slicing apples while watching football. These apple slices can be placed in the dehydrator before you go to bed and they will be ready by morning. I can almost guarantee once you start making these apple chips, you’ll find yourself making batch after batch. Your kids and grandkids will love them!

Select apples (any sweet and flavorful variety).

Wash apples in cold water (any quantity you desire to dehydrate).Apples in Bowl

Peel if not using organic apples (

Remove all bruises. Core and slice.  Place slices on rack of dehydrator.Apples on Wire Rack

Sprinkle cinnamon on apple slices (my family loves the cinnamon flavor).Apples Cinnamin

Dehydrate according to manufacturer’s instructions.Apples Dehydrater

Apples can also be dried in oven set at 150° F. Arrange apples on cooling racks placed on baking sheets and dry 10 to 20 hours. Apples will be leathery when dried.

Let apples cool to room temperature. Place in storage bags or containers. Store in cool, dry, dark place.Apples Bags

5 pounds fresh apples yields approximately 2 cups of dried apples.

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