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back to school meal prep

Back to School Prep

It’s August! Where did the summer go? Families are going back-to-school shopping and kids are heading out the door to school. After a fun summer break, many of us are looking forward to a more structured routine. And what a great time to incorporate some preplanned meals into your lifestyle! Farm Girl Fresh would like to help you and give you tips on how to make some meals ahead of time.
back to school meal prep
We’ll start with breakfast to give you and your family a good nutritional start to your day. After a good night’s sleep (when your body detoxes and repairs itself during the night), you will be ready for some good food to fuel up and have energy for the day. Literally breaking the fast.

We have many recipes in our book and on our website that can be made ahead of time and put in the freezer or fridge to help you save time in the morning. Pancakes (pg. 209 of Eating Pure in a Processed Foods World® and website), waffles (pg. 203), baked oatmeal (website), hard boiled eggs (pg. 152), egg bakes and quiches (pgs. 97, 147, 185, 223, 267 and website), granola (pg. 62 and website) and muffins (pgs. 61, 191, 201, 211, 277 and website) can all be made ahead of time.
Healthy Breakfast Ideas
Time saving tip: make a couple pans of bacon in the oven to use in recipes or reheat in the morning with scrambled eggs and veggies.
Having yogurt, greens, fruits and veggies on hand to make smoothies and juice drinks are another great way to start your day! Try all the delicious beverage drinks in our book and website and let us know which ones are your favorite.

We encourage you to begin incorporating some of these items into your weekly menu. Eating a healthy breakfast will give you and your kiddos a great advantage when heading out the door to work and school!

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