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Eating Better for a Better You

For the most part, cooking from scratch is nearly a lost art. The microwave has replaced the oven and drive-thrus are ready 24/7 to take our orders.  We’re busy, busy, busy and for our “convenience”, and food manufacturers are making a fortune by doing the cooking for us. Problem is, these processed foods are increasing the rate of chronic illness and obesity. And most of what’s offered is loaded with refined sugars, trans fats, artificial flavors and colors, preservatives, genetically modified materials and hormones. Where’s the “FOOD” in that?

At Farm Girl Fresh, we are on a mission to encourage others to get back to eating real whole food, before a health crisis is experienced. Food is best prepared and eaten in its most natural state—like back in the days of our grandmas and great-grandmas when they lived on the farm. Now, you don’t have to live on a farm to be “Farm Girl Fresh,” but you do need to have the desire to eat pure food and make some lifestyle changes. We are here to help.

Our personal journeys to better health began quite some time ago. Both of us have had family health concerns -food sensitivities, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis, infertility, fatigue, headaches, chronic sinusitis, you name it. We’ve seen specialists, attended conferences and read more books than we can count. When traditional medicine did not provide acceptable answers, our persistent quest to feeling better lead us back in time. Processed foods had to go. Preparing and eating foods in their pure, natural state was the nutrition our body needed to heal itself—healing the root of the problem and not just the symptoms.

Life began in a garden and it’s where our company starts. From the ground up we’ll guide you step-by step on how to grow, preserve and prepare pure food for a healthier you. It is our passion to share with you – and upcoming generations – how to live an abundant life by growing together in truth through faith, family, food and friendships. Our hope is that you find the information in our book and on our website to be practical, motivating, encouraging and inspirational as you make a commitment to Eating Pure in a Processed Foods World™. The path to becoming healthy starts here.

Welcome to our table!

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