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Diatomaceous Earth

Have you heard of Diatomaceous earth (DE)? It’s been called – miracle dust, fossil shell flour.

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is made of little diatoms, or shell-looking particles (often mined from the bottom of lake beds). These small particles gives DE its unique properties. When parasites or insects meet these microscopic diatoms, they get cut up and die.
Diatomaceous Earth

One of our favorite uses of Diatomaceous earth is in the garden. DE can be sprinkled around the base of a plant for insect control. When an insect tries to attack the plant, it can’t survive passing over the DE.  So when an infestation occurs (like slugs or beetles), simply apply Diatomaceous earth frequently around your plant to rid it of damaging insects.

When purchasing DE, it’s important to look for a food grade codex label on the bag and the DE should be white, or cream in color.
Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 10 Lb.
Diatomaceous Earth

For other uses of Diatomaceous Earth, check out this link https://ohsimply.com/15-best-ways-to-use-diatomaceous-earth/. We have used DE for treating parasites, a de-wormer for our pets, and added it to our chicken feed to get healthier chickens.

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