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Fresh is Best

This week we had the privilege to speak with the Focus on Healthy Living class at Meeker Memorial Hospital. Our presentation was “Fresh is Best”. We talked about the fact that a lot of your food travels approximately 1,500 miles before making it to your dinner plate; and with each mile and day traveled, the nutritional value of that food is being depleted before you ever eat it. This is one of the reasons we encourage eating fresh, locally grown food (whether you choose to grow it yourself or purchase it from your local farmer’s market or community supported agriculture farmer).

We highlighted the first fruits and vegetables ready to eat in the spring. We had enthusiastic participants as we walked them through planting spinach in container gardens and preparing Apple Spinach Salad. There was plenty of laughter and good conversation as we discussed the nutritional value of these delicious pure foods.  The hospital kitchen even prepared our Rhubarb Dessert as the evening treat and had our cookbook on display beside it.  What a sweet treat!
Rhubarb Dessert I think it’s safe to say, a good time was had by all!

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