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Growing Tomatoes

What is better than enjoying fresh tomatoes in late summer?  A bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich or a pasta sauce made from rich, flavorful tomatoes. Or, how about some cherry tomatoes tossed in your favorite salad?

Tomatoes are the most popular vegetable among gardeners. And if you have never gardened before, it is a great vegetable to learn how to grow. Tomatoes can be planted in containers (place them on your patio, your deck, or in your landscape), garden boxes, or backyard plots.

Here are a few tips for growing tomatoes. The best way to water your tomato plants is by using a soaker hose (or drip hose) that can be snaked through your garden beds. This allows the plants to get the needed water without damaging the fruit. This watering method also helps cut down on disease problems that can occur late in the season. If you are growing tomatoes in a container, water the base of the plant.
Drip hose for tomatoes

Another thing I like to do, is side dress my tomatoes and peppers with Epsom salt (Magnesium-sulfate). I usually use one to two tablespoons per foot of plant height. This can be added around the base of each plant every 6 weeks. This will help increase the yield and keep the plants green and bushy.
Epsom SaltNow it is time to mulch with grass clippings or straw. This helps with weed control and helps retain good soil moisture.

If you are looking for more gardening tips on growing tomatoes, check out the “How does your garden grow” section on page 251 in our book, Eating Pure in a Processed Foods World®.

I’m looking forward to juicy, vine-ripened tomatoes later this season–how about you?

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