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Growing Your Own Herbs

Have you always dreamed of having a garden but never had the opportunity because of where you live? Maybe you should consider container gardening and begin by growing your own herbs in a pot on your patio, deck or inside your home in a sunny location. It’s fun and easy!

I like to grow some of my herbs in a large pot outside on my patio all summer.  Selecting the right container is actually a very important part of container garden.  It’s important to keep in mind what material the container is made of to eliminate any toxic exposure to your plants.  A larger container will allow for more root space and the soil will not dry out as fast.
getting ready to plant
Remember to use high quality soil to fill your container.
Getting Herb out of containerMarking plant

Marking your herbs can be as simple as writing their names on wooden sticks.
Planting more herbs

Parsley, thyme and oregano are the herbs I use most often, and there’s nothing like the taste of fresh herbs added to your dish.  Throughout our book we use herbs in our recipes that not only taste great, but also offer many health benefits to you as well.

In the fall, I move the container inside to enjoy having fresh herbs available for cooking throughout the year. Try growing your favorite herbs in a container and let us know how your herbs grow!

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