The importance of healing eczema from the inside

Healing Eczema Naturally

17 May, 2018 / by Joyce Kaping

My family struggles with eczema.  It can be so frustrating at times.

My son-in-law and youngest grandson probably suffer the most.  They have it on their hands and feet.  The little one has had it so severe at times that the bottoms of his feet crack open and he has a hard time walking.  It doesn’t take long to Google natural remedies for eczema and find many ideas and tips.  While some can be helpful, most of them just act as a band-aid, providing a little comfort for the here and now, but not much for tomorrow. While things like tallow, organic clothing, coconut oil, and saltwater can help soothe a flare-up, you may need to turn your attention to what’s going on inside your body.

Dry eczema feet

Here is a great article on how to treat eczema from the inside out.  Many find relief by not consuming certain foods, like gluten, pasteurized dairy, corn or refined sugars.  But it may not just be about what you are cutting out of your diet.  It can be equally important as to what you are putting in your body.  Making sure you have plenty of good bacteria in the form of fermented foods or a probiotic supplement, and eating more fish may help many individuals.  Healing your body on the inside so that it looks and feels better on the outside, can be a long, slow journey. But getting to the source of the problem, instead of just relieving it temporarily, is definitely the way to go.

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