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Hibiscus Honey Iced Tea

I love a good iced tea! When I go to a coffee shop, I usually look for a drink that’s dairy-free and caffeine-free. I’ve enjoyed Hibiscus Honey Iced Tea at my favorite coffee shop so I decided to create my own.

First, I found a good quality hibiscus tea. It’s important to read labels because there can be hidden ingredients in some tea that may compromise its purity.  We like to promote shopping local as much as possible and this Hibiscus Burst Tea from our friends at The Lamb Shoppe, in Hutchinson, Minnesota, is delicious. I have also used Organic Hibiscus Tea from Traditional Medicinals. This brand can be found in many grocery stores. I like to brew this tea at night so it can chill in the refrigerator overnight.

Hibiscus Honey Iced Tea

6 cups filtered water

3 hibiscus tea bags (or 1/4 cup loose leaf tea)

2 tablespoons honey

Heat water on stove. Place tea bags in hot water and steep 15 minutes. Stir in honey. Remove and discard tea bags. Pour into a large pitcher (or a two quart jar) and chill. Serve over ice.

My kids couldn’t wait to try it!

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