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Improve Thyroid Health with Nuts

29 November, 2018 / by Colleen Anderson

Did you know selenium is a key mineral for thyroid health? Brazil nuts are a good source of selenium. And now I can almost hear you asking, “How many Brazil nuts should I eat each day?”

A good rule of thumb for eating any food, is to eat like it’s found in nature. In nature, everything is in the right balance. So if there are lots of foods found in nature that are rich in vitamin C, our body needs to eat lots of vitamin C rich foods. There are very few foods found in nature that are rich in selenium, so our body only needs a little each day. Two to three organic Brazil nuts a day will help provide the needed selenium for your thyroid health.

Here is a good article on 6 other foods to incorporate into your diet to ensure a broad range of necessary nutrients for thyroid support.

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