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How to Soak Raw Nuts

Did you know raw nuts are seeds? It’s very important to soak them before eating them. All grains, nuts and seeds have a natural protective coating on them to help them survive until the right growing conditions are present. Rain and moist soil naturally breaks down this coating so the seeds can sprout and grow. Unfortunately, when it comes to human consumption, this coating contains phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors making them hard to digest. Because of this, it’s very important to soak raw nuts to neutralize the enzyme inhibitors. This helps your body absorb all the great nutrients nuts provide – vital minerals including iron, zinc and magnesium, amino acids and fats.

It’s very simple and easy to soak and dehydrate nuts in your kitchen. (We talk about soaking nuts and seeds on page 191 of our book in the Eating Pure section.)
soaking nutsWe soak our nuts overnight in filtered water with sea salt.

dehydrating nutsYou can dehydrate in your oven at the lowest setting, or in a dehydrator for 12 to 15 hours at 150°.

storing nuts in fridgeWe store our nuts in glass jars in the refrigerator to maintain maximum freshness.

2 thoughts on “How to Soak Raw Nuts”

  1. How long do the refrigerated nuts stay good for?
    Exactly what temperature should we use when using the oven to dehydrate? And do we shoot for the same amout of time, 12-15 hours?

  2. My soaked and dehydrated nuts stay fresh in the refrigerator for several weeks. Use the lowest setting on your oven (preferably 150) and dehydrate 12-15 hours. But if your oven temperature does not go that low, using the lowest setting will work, too – the nuts will be a little more on the roasted side and it will probably not take as many hours to get the moisture out.

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