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How to Start Seeds Indoors

The question keeps popping in my head “where do I begin with this blog on how-to start seeds indoors”? There is so much I want to share with you. To me, every spring is like watching a miracle happen before my eyes. I plant this tiny seed, watch it burst through the soil, and weeks later, after it has received adequate sunshine and plenty of water, it bears a bountiful crop (in most cases).

Starting Seeds Indoors

If you live south of us (we are in Minnesota) you may have already started some of your plants indoors, if not, here are some tips to get you started:

First, you will need some seeds (hopefully you have ordered them, otherwise, check out your local garden store). Some of the plants you may want to start indoors include cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant and head lettuce. Next you will want some good seed starting mix, a seed starting tray (you can also use egg shells filled with starting mix), some gloves and a water bottle. If you want to invest a little more into your project, you can purchase a heat mat and some grow lights (you don’t necessarily need these items but they are nice to have). Check out our “How does your garden grow..?” section in our book Eating Pure in a Processed Foods World™ to guide you in starting your seedlings.  Remember, if time does not allow you to start your own plants, you can purchase them from your local garden store.  For years I purchased started plants.  Now, I like taking on the challenge of starting my own plants.  This way I can choose my own varieties that I want to plant, and have the confidence of knowing where they came from.

So for now, gather up your seed starting items and get ready to plant. More fun to come……

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  1. I will be starting some seeds this afternoon. The garden is still two feet under, but that’s better than four feet under which it was a week ago! Need to get those veggies growing so I can continue to work through the cookbook! I just bought it about 6 weeks ago, and I have tried, and rated, many recipes already. Tonight is the Quick Stove Top Zucchini Meal. The ratings so far? Every single one is an excellent!!! Thank you for your excellent cookbook! We love it! (Purchased it at the St. Peter co-op.)

    Marge in Eagle Lake

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