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Making Cauliflower in an Instant Pot

Instant Pot Cauliflower

Here is another weekly Instant Pot recipe fresh out of the pot.  This Instant Pot Cauliflower is steamed in just 3 minutes and prep time is quick and easy (no need to even separate in florets). And with the little time needed to prepare this healthy, cruciferous vegetable,, we can include it in our menu planning more frequently for lunch or dinner.

For those of you that don’t have an  , you might want to add it to your Mother’s Day list, your Father’s Day list, or your birthday list.
Cauliflower in an Instant potWash cauliflower and remove outer leaves and a portion of the thick stem.  Cut away any brown damage spots if needed.
Washing Cauliflower in Instant Pot Place the cauliflower on the steamer shelf (trivet) and add 1 cup of water.
Secure the lid and turn the valve to “sealing” position. Select the “manual” setting and set the time to 3, using the +/- buttons. The “on” light will appear while the Instant Pot is heating up and then the pressure timer will begin.

When the cauliflower is finished steaming, turn the valve to the “venting” position. This is referred to as a quick pressure release (I like to use a long handled wooden spoon to turn the valve so I don’t get burned). This quick release will stop the steaming action of the cauliflower.
Drain steamed cauliflower in a colander.

Season steamed cauliflower with salt and pepper to taste.

Check out our cauliflower section beginning on page 93 in our book Eating Pure in a Processed Foods World® for more details on growing, preserving and preparing delicious cauliflower recipes.

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