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The “Why” Behind Farm Girl Fresh – Joyce’s Story

I am not much of a writer, but it is time to put my pen to paper and share my story. Several years ago I made a decision, to “take my life back” again. I needed to regain some balance in my everyday life. I was trying to do it all! Many times I found myself present physically, but my mind was on all the things I needed to get done. There was always an overwhelming task list (type A personality) looming over me! Physically, I was exhausted. Can any of you relate?

First, I needed to be more diligent with taking care of my physical body. From my early childhood days I struggled with dairy sensitivity. And at the early age of 30-something, I had my gallbladder (a small organ that stores bile) removed. If you are one of us without a gallbladder, you know what it is like to be missing this important organ. Poor digestion – poor absorption! So I set out to really clean up my diet once and for all – no more grabbing stuff that wasn’t healthy for me! A choice I made.

Secondly, I needed to live a more stress-free lifestyle. I needed to slow down and add some quiet reflection time to my day. Not an easy thing to do in our culture. And speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that adding daily quiet time can be extremely life-giving. I am convinced that unless you decrease your stress, it is hard to heal your physical body and be at your best mentally. A choice I made.

Farm Girl Fresh was birthed out of that quiet reflection time. We, Colleen and Joyce, felt a calling to share a message that is counter-cultural. The “why” it is important to get back in our kitchens and cook meals from scratch. The “why” it is important to eat whole pure food as it’s found in nature. Together, we created a garden-to-table resource manual (book) to help you grow your own life-giving produce with over 300 recipes to help you transform your health. A choice we made.

Today people find themselves in situations where they need to restrict certain foods for a period of time to help reset their bodies to regain better health. I have personally experienced this reset. If you are in need of a reset this fall, check out our Farm Girl Fresh Fall Menu Plan. It has many delicious recipes to help boost your immune system.

We have also broken down all of the recipes from our book into six different categories: Autoimmune Paleo, Gluten-free, Dairy-Free, GAPS, Ketogenic, and Paleo. We have created Menu Guides for each of these six categories to assist you in your weekly meal planning. These Menu Guides are available for purchase in our Farm Girl Fresh store. The choice is yours.

Whether you’re on a specific diet or just desire to eat less processed food, we’re here to help. We encourage you to join the Farm Girl Fresh movement and enjoy the sustainable lifestyle it offers. A choice we have made!

4 thoughts on “The “Why” Behind Farm Girl Fresh – Joyce’s Story”

  1. Congratulations Joyce, you are an inspiration. I use your Kitchen Resource Guide almost every day and love it. Thanks for sharing from your heart!!! There’s so much more in your book that you aren’t even mentioning here!!!

    God bless you both with your efforts in reaching and teaching families how to live their fullest life God has intended for them, Mary

  2. Thank you for developing the Farm Girl Fresh Cook book and guide menus to eat heathier. I use the cook book daily in preparing meals and meal planning.

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