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Long-Fermented Sourdough Bread

My daughter-in-law makes the best sourdough bread, rolls, biscuits, pizza crusts, pancakes, cookies…. all from her sourdough starter! Last year she “shared” some of her starter with me and proceeded to demonstrate the fine art of sourdough bread making. Truth be told, I was a little intimidated and didn’t think I had the time to fit the process into my schedule. I made a few loaves of bread with it the first month, but then put it in the fridge to “rest” when I got too busy to feed it regularly.

This summer she brought her starter with her again when their family was visiting for the week.

Some of the things she made that week were pancakes, hamburger buns and biscuits. I decided I needed to give it a try again. This time around, she shared with me this tasty long-fermented sourdough bread recipe from Deliciously Organic. It has a mild taste similar to English muffins. The instructions and video were really helpful. The first time I made it, I was anxious thinking I was doing something wrong, and I felt very stressed. However, the bread was so delicious that I just had to make it again! By my third time of making it, I was really enjoying the experience.

And now I find the process of stirring and kneading by hand actually sort of therapeutic!

Regular bread tends to make my husband and I bloated and not feeling the best. However, this long-fermented sourdough does not have any ill-effects on our gut. A thick piece of this bread slathered in real butter is a wonderful treat! And did I mention it “grows” rather quickly and can be shared – so watch out if you see me coming with a jar in hand on my next visit to your house. 😉