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Make Your Own Christmas Planter

In the past few years I have tried to be creative and use what I have in my backyard to create my own Christmas Planter.  It has become a fun family activity during the Thanksgiving weekend and, it has saved me some money (those beautiful Christmas pots are not cheap).

To make a Christmas Planter you will need a nice size pot, a bag of sand, some spruce tips, cedar limbs, a few white pine branches and a few twigs of red dogwood.Gather Spruce Tips with Wagon

For some added color, cut some sedum from your landscape and spray with red spray paint.  Be creative.Spruce Tips KidsLook around your backyard and see what you can incorporate into a beautiful Christmas pot (pine cones, dried berries, dried hydrangea blooms).Laying out the spruce tips

And for an added touch, purchase some ribbon and some glitter spray.

Living in an apartment and don’t have all these items available in your backyard? Purchase them from your local craft store or garden store.

And lastly, remember to take pictures. It is fun to see the unique Christmas pots you have created from year to year.Pots finished


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  1. Thanks! Nice, simple explanations and very creative. My favorite part is the family photos at the end : ) You are all looking great!!

  2. Nice blog Joyce, found it by accident and was looking at pictures. Was hoping it was a local Kaping family and low and behold I see an old neighbor girl and her mother. Too cool!!!

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