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Meet the Authors

Our personal journeys to better health began quite some time ago. When traditional medicine did not provide acceptable answers, our persistent quest to feeling better lead us back in time. Processed foods had to go!

Joyce Kaping

Joyce is a true farm girl at heart. She enjoys growing her own food and creating recipes around the fruits and vegetables harvested from her organic garden. Joyce’s passion is to teach people how to grow, preserve and prepare healthy food for family and friends, along with sharing insight on healthy living. Her favorite times are spent with her husband, Ross, and their family, which includes 12 grandchildren.

Colleen Anderson

Colleen grew up on a farm, learning the basics of gardening, cooking, canning and freezing from her mother. She came to realize the value of that teaching over the years as her family encountered health challenges. Colleen is passionate to share with others and to help promote healthy lifestyle choices through nutritious eating. She is married to Scott, an organic crop farmer. They have three married children and five grandchildren.

Additives, preservatives, refined sugars, trans fats, artificial ingredients and a host of other methods used by food manufacturers are increasing the rate of chronic illness and obesity. Preparing and eating foods in their pure, natural state was the ultimate plan for mankind. We decided it would become our plan as well!

After adapting our new lifestyle (we never called it a diet), we mentored a group of young moms through a class we called “Back to the Basics.” We shared how to make healthy meals and snacks using real foods, how to grow fresh herbs and how to preserve different fruits and vegetables—all while encouraging them to take steps to grow in their faith.

From that experience, we kept asking ourselves “How can we get our “Back to the Basics” information out to more than just that group of young moms?” After many surveys and prayers—along with a great amount of encouragement—we took a leap of faith and started “Farm Girl Fresh”…a company focused on eating better foods for a healthier, happier you.

It is our passion to share with you—and upcoming generations—how to live an abundant life by growing together in truth through faith, family, food and friendships. Our hope is that you find the information in our book and on our website to be practical, motivating, encouraging and inspirational as you make a commitment to Eating Pure in a Processed Foods World®.