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Meet the Farmer that Grows Our Farm Girl Fresh Beans

12 July, 2018 / by Colleen Anderson

I’d like to introduce you to my husband, Scott, who started farming as a teenager. He now grows the edible beans we sell through Farm Girl Fresh. Learn more about him and our family farm:

Our farm is located in central Minnesota. I became interested in organic farming in 1996 after meeting a man from Japan looking for growers to raise organic kintoki beans. I converted one field to organic to see if I could make it work. The beans turned out well and I decided to convert our entire farm to organic. My son-in-law joined the operation in 2016 and is living on the farm with our daughter and their three boys. 2018 marks the 20th season I’ve farmed all organic on 400 acres.

organic light red kidney beans

A highlight of each season is putting together a weed pulling crew of 20 teenagers. We usually walk the beans twice each growing season pulling out weeds by hand. Farming organically is about three times the work per acre when you figure in extra pre-plant tillage, three to five different cultivations, weed pulling, bookwork, etc. However, I am glad I made the change from conventional farming to organic farming.

Organic field weed pulling

Most conventionally grown row crops have been grown with GMO seed and are heavily sprayed to control insects and weeds. I’m glad my family and I are no longer exposed to those chemicals on the farm.

organic edible bean harvest

We use special edible bean equipment that’s gentle in our harvesting and handling process to provide the highest quality product for you. After harvest the beans are cleaned and stored in a rodent-free building.

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