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Menu Planning: Week 2

The past few months have been a whirlwind adventure for our family. Our oldest daughter moved to the farm place with her husband and their three little boys. Our youngest daughter, her husband and baby came back from the mission field and will be living with us for several months. Our son and his wife are expecting our fifth grandchild in December and we are planning on spending time with them after Christmas. With all this activity, meal planning has become an essential tool for me.  Here’s another menu plan and shopping list that will feed a family of six.

Weekend:  Food Prep!

I like to prepare my Beef and Chicken Broth (pg. 158) over the weekend. I have two slow cookers (one with chicken and one with beef bones) cooking through the night. Making use of the overnight hours makes more free time on the weekend.

*Make ahead tip*

I like to have salad dressings and spice mixes made up ahead of time to speed up the cooking process. I try to block out a time during the weekend to prep 3 to 4 of next week’s meals (this includes making my French Dressing (pg. 151), Poultry Seasoning (pg. 127), Italian Seasoning (pg. 125), and Ranch Seasoning (pg. 125)). If time allows, I prepare the French Onion soup for Monday with the Beef Broth; and assemble, partially bake and freeze both the Meatloaf (Wednesday’s meal) and the Chicken Casserole (Thursday’s meal).

Short on time?

If you’re short on time, buy organic broth and ketchup. Make sure you read your labels and purchase the cleanest products possible. The shopping list DOES include all the ingredients for making your own homemade broth.

Monday: French Onion Soup (pg. 159), Grilled Hamburgers, Lettuce Salad

I reheat the soup I made over the weekend while I prepare the other food items on my menu. It is so nice to have my French dressing prepared and waiting in my refrigerator.

Tuesday: Marinated Chicken Breasts (use pork tenderloin marinade pg. 130) Sautéed Cabbage & Bacon (pg. 79) Carrot Sticks and Ranch Dip (pg. 125)

Our marinade can be used with either pork or chicken. This is a great meal when paired with both cooked and raw veggies.

Wednesday: Meatloaf, Cheesy Potatoes (frozen from last menu plan), Steamed Green Beans (pg. 49)

This meatloaf is so delicious and easy to make!  It has been a favorite of our Farm Girl Fresh followers. Remember the double batch of cheesy potatoes we froze in the last menu plan? Now’s the time to pull them out of the freezer!

Thursday: Chicken Casserole (pg. 145)

I love this casserole because it incorporates so many nutritious ingredients into one dish!

Friday: Stuffed Sweet Potatoes (pg. 249), Wedge Salad with French Dressing (pg. 151)

I triple this recipe to feed our crew. Incorporating kale, green peppers and beef, helps make this dish a full meal deal. The added wedge salad will give the meal that special little crunch.


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