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One family moves out and another family moves in….

I’M GOING TO FLORIDA NEXT WEEK!!! Wow! How did this happen? I feel like one of those bobble head dogs you see in the back window of cars – my head is always spinning, but thankfully my body is firmly grounded on God’s truth that cannot be moved. There’s been a flurry of activity the past few months and Joyce and I wanted to give you a little update of changes in our personal lives here at Farm Girl Fresh.
My husband and I, Colleen, have enjoyed the blessing of hosting our youngest daughter and her family this past year and a half as they transitioned from living overseas to moving back to the states. This week they have relocated and moved all their belongings from East Asia and Minnesota to Florida. And I’ve been rattling around in a sparsely furnished very quiet house the last couple days! Funny how the house seemed crowded at times with all of our stuff, but now when it’s gone, it feels bare. Next week we will fly down and help them settle into their new home. (Well, actually, we plan on babysitting and soaking in some warm sun while they unpack.)

While the Anderson home is experiencing a “very quiet house,” we, the Kaping household, are experiencing the hustle and bustle of seven additional family members in our home.

Our oldest daughter and her family are going through their own transition time with a job change and relocation. Two days after their arrival, my stove quit working, and a day later, the dishwasher began making noises that should never come from a dishwasher. Now after days of slow cooker meals, the use of a small toaster oven, and one portable induction burner, I have a new stove and a new dishwasher.


Believe me, these appliances are getting significant use every day. And with a menu posted on the refrigerator and jobs assigned, we are settling in to what we call our “new normal.” What a privilege to share everyday life with five of our grandchildren and have the opportunity to spend time together. It truly is a gift.

Although these circumstances and life changes may not be what any of us had planned, both Joyce and I are glad God always has a better plan. And for however long this season lasts, we will rejoice in it and do our best to “go with the flow” and enjoy the moments with family as Farm Girl Fresh continues to grow.

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