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Popsicle Christmas Trees

Are you looking for an easy Christmas Craft to do with your kids or grandkids?  Try making our Popsicle Christmas Trees!  This craft is very simple and a great gift idea for your kids to give others.

What You’ll Need:

Hot Glue Gun
Green Paint
Makeup Sponges
Paper Plates


Glitter Glue
Paint Pens
Pipe Cleaners
Star Stickers
Brown Paper (for Trunk)

1.  Poor a small amount of green paint on a paper plate and dab with a makeup sponge.  After you have dabbed off the excess paint, paint the popsicle sticks and place on a cookie sheet.2.  After the paint has dried, create a triangle with three popsicles and hot glue them together.
3.  DECORATE!  Be creative, let the kids create their own trees!
4.  Add the tree trunk after you’ve finished decorating the tree.
5. When the Christmas Trees are completed you can either tie a ribbon to them to hang, use a Christmas Tree hook or simply hang from the tree as-is.

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