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Probiotics and Ferments

As part of our discussion on detoxing (getting the bad stuff out), we wanted to include the topic of probiotics (putting the good stuff in).

Probiotics is a term you hear more and more.  It is live, healthy bacteria which aide in digestion. You can get this good bacteria from either fermented food ( or a nutritional supplement.  The term “fermented” is a preservation method that breaks down carbohydrates and proteins using microorganisms such as bacteria, molds and yeast. This good bacteria is found in foods like sauerkraut, pickles, kefir, yogurt, kimchi, and other fermented vegetables. In our book, Eating Pure in a Processed Foods World™ we have included recipes for making your own homemade yogurt (page 236) and sauerkraut (page 78). The probiotics found in these fermented foods can far exceed over-the-counter processed probiotics.

If time does not allow for making your own homemade ferments, look for fermented food products at your local food coop. I am amazed at how many of these products are showing up on store shelves. Another option, is to purchase a high quality probiotic supplement. A couple probiotic supplements that we have found to be good are GUTpro and Bio-Kult. There are many other probiotic supplements on the market today to choose from. When looking at these supplements, compare the types and strength of microorganisms included in each supplement.Probiotics and Ferments

There are more and more scientific publications coming out with evidence of many health problems responding to treatment with probiotics. I am one that has struggled with digestive issues through the years. By adding a daily dose of probiotics and eating more whole foods I have experienced a much healthier digestive system.

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  1. I have your book and would like to make my own yogurt. I have the ingredients. Can it be made in a standard dehydrator?

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