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Planting Guide – 4’ x 8’ Vegetable Garden Plan #1 & #2 Bundle

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Planting Guide – 4’ x 8’ Vegetable Garden Plan #1

Beets – 4 square ft
Bush Beans – 15 plants
Cabbage – 4 plants
Carrots – 4 square ft
Cucumbers – 5 hills
Lettuce – 2 square ft
Onions – 20 sets
Mint – 1 plant
Peas – 2 rows 2 ft long
Radishes -1 row 4 ft long

Planting Guide – 4’ x 8’ Vegetable Garden Plan #2

Basil – 2 plants
Bell Peppers – 4 plants
Carrots – 2 square ft
Garlic – 12 bulbs
Potatoes – 6 plants
Radishes – 2 square ft
Romaine – 2 square ft
Spinach – 2 square ft
Tomatoes – 3 plants
Zucchini – 1 plant

FREE Journal Page
Custom Designed
Simple and Easy to Understand
Use in a backyard garden plot or raised bed
8-1/2” x 11”

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Every year we get inquiries from people who are a little bewildered by the complexity of planning their first vegetable garden and don’t know where to start.  Farm Girl Fresh has custom designed planting guides for you to have success in growing the most popular, easy-to-grow vegetables.  Whatever your gardening skill level, these laminated plans are versatile and can be used in your backyard garden plot or raised beds. Each plan is handmade with specific guidelines of where to plant, how close to plant, row spacing, etc. Our plans are to be used in conjunction with the “How Does Your Garden Grow” pages in our book Eating Pure in a Processed Foods World® and our website. Simple and easy to follow, these guides will help you enjoy the healthy benefits of eating fresh, pure food as well as feeling the accomplishment of growing your own food. All plans are laminated to refer back to and use again over the years. Along with each plan, you will receive a FREE Journal Page to record notes to keep for the next growing season.

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