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How to Relieve Allergies Naturally (Part Two)

This time of year gives rise to a whole host of people enduring a constant runny nose or swollen itchy eyes.  If you’re plagued with these symptoms, then you may be very familiar with pollen allergies.

In Part 1 of How to Relieve Allergies Naturally we talked about how allergy symptoms affect your whole body and how some diet changes may help.  Today we want to talk about some ways you can help lessen your body’s negative response to seasonal allergies.

Quercetin – A flavonoid that is found in fruits and vegetables and gives some plants its pigment.  Studies have shown it works well in reducing allergy symptoms.  Most people need to take a loading dose 4 to 6 weeks before it starts to reduce symptoms.  Therefore, if you look forward to springtime with dread due to pollen season, you may want to start on some quercetin supplementation prior to the first bud.

Bromelain– A complex enzyme that is made from pineapple plants.  This also has been shown to reduce nasal symptoms and is an anti-inflammatory.  It has been shown to work really well with Quercetin, so look for a supplement that contains both of these key ingredients.  People who need to take an antihistamine during pollen season, find that they are able to replace their antihistamines with these two supplements. Click here to see the supplement we like.

Honey – Raw, local honey, contains pollen from the area you live, and it can work almost like a natural allergy shot.  It’s best to start consuming raw, local honey in the winter, prior to pollen season, to prepare your body for the upcoming pollen season.

Neti pot – A container with a spout that can be used to clean out your nasal passages.  It is filled with a saline solution that can be poured in one nostril and drained out the other nostril.  It works well in flushing out the pollen that may be present in your nose.  This flushing can be done morning and evening. Here’s where to buy a Neti Pot.

Cleanliness tips – If you know you have developed pollen allergies, here are a few things you can do to limit your exposure:

– Shower in the evenings and rinse off all pollen you may have come in contact with throughout the day before you crawl into bed on those clean sheets (consider washing sheets weekly).
– Avoid rubbing your nose and eyes with your hands or clothing that may have pollen on them.
– Avoid drying clothes on the clothesline during pollen season.
– Vacuum and wet mop surfaces often to pick up any allergens that may be lying around the house.
– Purchase an air purifier and filters to limit the amount of allergens in your home.
– We love opening all the windows and airing out our houses, but you may need to wait until pollen season is over to do this, especially if you deal with pollen allergies.

Hopefully these tips, along with some dietary changes, can help you have a happy and bearable pollen season.

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