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Spring has Arrived

Spring has arrived.  It’s the season when life is renewed, when the old is covered up with the new, and when the gray turns into green.  There’s something very special about spring in Minnesota.  The drastic temperature changes in our state make us appreciate the warmth of the sun when spring arrives. There’s a renewed hope and joy in the air.

Spring is a time when I feel like God’s creation is highlighted.

I marvel how He designed everything so intricately and perfectly: a single blade of grass turning green, a tiny leaf budding from a tree, new life springing up,

and sweet songs of birds chirping. I love spring!

We’d like to encourage you and your families to get out and soak in the new beginnings of spring.
Go on a nature walk with your kids, plant a garden or pick some lilacs. Take time to enjoy the simple things that surround you this spring.

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