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Summer Fun!

Summer. It’s flying by fast (we’re already in mid-July). And if you’re like us, you are trying to pack these days full of fun summer activities. Spending time at the pool with your children, taking time off to spend at the cabin, taking in a baseball game (or two), putting the boat in the water to catch some fish, enjoying a picnic with family and friends, or just spending some time around a campfire and sleeping under the stars. So much fun to be had in these summer days.

Over the past couple of weeks my husband and I have enjoyed having several of our grandchildren visit us during their summer vacation.

What a rich time of building relationships with these children and being part of their lives. We have enjoyed swimming at the lake, fishing off the dock (some catching their very first fish), watching a local parade, taking in a movie with all twelve of the grandchildren, having a pizza party, watching our favorite baseball players (grandsons-cousins) play ball, ice cream treats and lots of fun food (each got to choose their favorite recipe out of our Farm Girl Fresh garden-to-table book). FUN! FUN! FUN! We won’t mention the spilled fingernail polish on the carpet, or the 1500 piece puzzle tossed across the room like we were throwing a football, or that we had one child with croup, one with a severe eczema breakout, and two with ear aches.

And in-between all this fun, Colleen and I headed to our local Farmer’s Market for a carrot demonstration, traveled to a customer appreciation event at Revive Chiropractic Center, and participated in the Market on the Farm event at Stonewall Farms. SO FUN! We met so many new friends. And even some friends we haven’t seen for years (right Colleen?)! What a pleasure to visit with so many individuals about healthy eating, gardening, cooking and our Nicaragua project. We even got to give hugs to Leslie from Nicaragua who was back in the states.

These past two weeks have been filled with opportunities to build relationships. And while the dishes piled up on my counter, and the laundry spilled out of the laundry room (understanding those piles you moms and dads experience daily/weekly), I have been reminded that life truly is about relationships. Spending those precious moments with others and creating a lifetime of memories (I’m really happy it is only the middle of July).

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