How to Make Iced Sun Tea


homemade iced sun tea

Sun Tea

I can still remember walking over to my grandma’s house and seeing the glass pitcher of sun tea brewing on her front steps. Growing up next to my grandparents, I often stopped over there to say hello. Grandma always had something delicious to eat and drink. I now have the blessing of living in my grandparents house on the farm! Our family loves this home so much and I find myself daily having fond memories of Grandma and Grandpa Anderson. 

I spent this past weekend repainting our screened-in porch. It’s one of my favorite spots because it over looks the lake. As a babysitter watched my three kids, I got some time alone to paint. Those quiet moments gave me time to think about all the times I had bopped over to see my grandparents! All the delightful conversations, all the oatmeal raisin cookies and all the iced sun tea.

homemade iced sun tea

Drinking tea has many amazing health benefits. Most people think of hot tea on a cold winter day but iced tea is very refreshing on warm summer days. Here’s how to make this simple summer drink.


Place 4 black tea bags per 1 quart of water in a glass container, cover and set in a sunny spot for at least 4 hours or until the water is darkened and the water feels warm to the touch.  May need to be longer depending on the warmth of the air/sun.  Dispose of tea bags and add ice or refrigerate.


For more iced tea recipes check out our Hibiscus Honey Iced Tea or Honey Lemon Iced Green Tea.

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