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Thank-you for helping this busy mom!

Joyce and Colleen,

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful cookbook. It has been the perfect book that is in total alignment with how I have been wanting to cook for my family. We have several digestive issues in our family and I have felt overwhelmed as to how to cook for everyone’s different needs. With a very busy job I had not made it a priority to meal plan and figure it all out.

Then along came your book. I love how the recipes are gluten-free, made with whole foods, no refined sugars and are nearly dairy free. Our local Hyvee produce department has become my favorite place to go! I have been meal planning for about 7 weeks now (exclusively using your recipes) and my family has loved every single recipe.

I loved the recipes and started feeling so good after a few weeks that I sent a copy to my sister in California. She is hooked now as well and we often send pictures back and forth of what we are cooking. The bonus is that we have both lost about 10 pounds as well.

Thank you for helping this overwhelmed mom get a grip and finally start preparing healthy meals for her family’s special needs.

Julie Holliday

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