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The 12 Tools of Thanksgiving: Tool #6 – Steamer Basket

A steaming tool is essential to preserve the nutritional integrity of your food.  Throughout our book, Eating Pure in a Processed Foods World™, we highly recommend steaming your vegetables as opposed to microwaving or boiling them.  When you boil vegetables, many of the water-soluble vitamins (B & C) are left behind in the water. To ensure you get the full nutritional value from your vegetables, steam them. The steaming method allows the nutrients to stay in your vegetables.Vegetable Steamer

There are several types of steamers to choose from: electric steamers, steaming pans and basic steamer baskets. For the price and ease of use, Colleen and I suggest purchasing the Norpro 175 Stainless Steel Vegetable Steamer.

One big advantage to having a steamer basket is that it fits different sizes of saucepans. So if you are cooking for 2 people or 6 people, it doesn’t matter. You simply add a small amount of water to the bottom of your pan, place the vegetables in the steamer basket and in a few short minutes you have delicious vegetables to serve for lunch or dinner.

The 12 Tools of Thanksgiving:
Tool #1:  Eating Pure in a Processed Foods World Cookbook
Tool #2: Measuring Cups
Tool #3: Glass Storage Containers
Tool #4: Slow Cooker
Tool #5: Measuring Spoons
Tool #6: Steamer Basket
Tool #7: Muffin Pan
Tool #8: Strainer
Tool #9: Paring Knife
Tool #10: Immersion Blender
Tool #11: Saucepan
Tool #12: Flexible Cutting Mats


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  1. I love my steamer basket! It has non skid feet which also protect my anodized aluminum pans from scratches.

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