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The 12 Tools of Thanksgiving: Tool #7 – Muffin Pan

If I was to ask my daughters what they enjoy baking more—cookies or muffins, I’m sure muffins would win hands down.  If you, like them, are short on time and looking for a quick, healthy breakfast item, or a treat for snack time— it’s time to pull out the muffin pan and stir up a batch of delicious homemade muffins (check out our book Eating Pure in a Processed Foods World™ for healthy muffin recipes).Muffin Pan

Wondering what type of muffin pan to purchase? We think another “must have” tool for the kitchen is a long lasting Stoneware Muffin Pan. This high-quality stoneware piece meets all of our qualifications of being safe, durable and effective. It is a great alternative to a non-stick coated aluminum pan and it gives amazing flavor to food. Many of the muffin pans you see on the shelves today, are coated with a non-stick material. This material has come under fire over concerns of its toxicity and its possible link to health issues. If you currently have a non-stick coated muffin pan, we suggest using muffin liners at all times. The If You Care, Unbleached Baking Cups is a great liner and is sold in health food stores around the country and online.  Or, better yet, purchase a new stoneware muffin pan.

When starting to use your new muffin pan, rub a generous amount of coconut oil on the pan. You will want to do this two or three times before baking muffins in the pan (this is called seasoning your pan). You might also want to use unbleached muffin papers in the beginning, to allow the seasoning to set in. For cleanup, just rinse off the food pieces and wipe (do not use soap). The more seasoned your pan is, the less sticking you will have.

The 12 Tools of Thanksgiving:
Tool #1:  Eating Pure in a Processed Foods World Cookbook
Tool #2: Measuring Cups
Tool #3: Glass Storage Containers
Tool #4: Slow Cooker
Tool #5: Measuring Spoons
Tool #6: Steamer Basket
Tool #7: Muffin Pan
Tool #8: Strainer
Tool #9: Paring Knife
Tool #10: Immersion Blender
Tool #11: Saucepan
Tool #12: Flexible Cutting Mats

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  1. I admit to being slightly intimidated by stoneware. I have a pizza stone that I use regularly (it’s almost black it’s so well-seasoned) but it is bulky and heavy. I love the pros you listed for this though, and will consider more stoneware in the future!

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