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The 12 Tools of Thanksgiving: Tool #9 – Paring Knife

Do you have a drawer full of inexpensive (cheap) paring knives, like mine, that you have collected through the years? I don’t even know where they have all come from, but I know this, the blades are dull and they have not held up to everyday use.

A few years ago, after some frustrating times in the kitchen, I realized I needed a new paring knife. So I started researching “good knives”. Shortly thereafter, I ended up purchasing a Wusthof Classic 3-1/2-Inch Paring Knife.  This knife has a forged high-carbon stainless steel blade with a traditional, quality handle that fits my hand. It comes from a reputable company that has been in business for years, manufacturing some of the best, high-quality knives on the market today.Paring Knife

If you are looking at the price of this knife and thinking, why would I spend this amount of money on a knife, remember, that depending on how much you use this knife and how well you take care of it, you could get 30 years of use out of it (what a deal). Plus, I think it is the most important tool in your kitchen.

Now that I have a “good knife” in my drawer, I realize what I have missed all these years. The ease and quickness of getting my peeling and chopping done cannot be overstated. I encourage you to save up your money and make the investment sooner than later.  It does make a difference.

The 12 Tools of Thanksgiving:
Tool #1:  Eating Pure in a Processed Foods World Cookbook
Tool #2: Measuring Cups
Tool #3: Glass Storage Containers
Tool #4: Slow Cooker
Tool #5: Measuring Spoons
Tool #6: Steamer Basket
Tool #7: Muffin Pan
Tool #8: Strainer
Tool #9: Paring Knife
Tool #10: Immersion Blender
Tool #11: Saucepan
Tool #12: Flexible Cutting Mats

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  1. More knife reviews please! I’ve come a long way from the dollar store steak knives that were in my house as I grew up, but my knives still lack the quality that I’d love to have.

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