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The Elephant in the Room

It’s time to address the elephant in the room.

Over the past few months we have had numerous conversations with each other about the food choices we personally make, and the healthy lifestyle we have chosen to live. Both of us have been convicted to live this lifestyle, but it hasn’t been without paying a price. We recognize we are being watched and judged by our food choices, and likely laughed at and talked about behind our backs. We’ve been shunned by family members and friends due to our food choices. This is not an easy journey. I often wonder if people would treat our food choices the same way if we told them we were a diabetic or a celiac.

Others have shared similar stories of their own personal experiences with their friends and family over food and the healthy lifestyle choices they are making. We would like to share with you an open letter we recently received from one of our followers. It may seem strong, but it does speak to our experiences and the elephant in the room.

An Open Letter to Those Who Criticize the Way I Eat.

“I don’t eat processed foods that have been laced with carcinogens. I don’t eat genetically modified foods that were created in a lab and could not have existed on its own in nature.  I don’t eat food that has been given antibiotics that I know will alter the happy bacteria that reside in my gut.  But you see, I won’t criticize you if you choose to eat these things. Why? Because I used to eat them, too.  You see, at one point in my life, I laughed at people who thought that an organic apple contained more nutrients than a conventional one, but once I studied plant genetics and how conventional varieties are selected, I get it. I used to laugh at people who thought that all the chemicals that we spray on our food in the field, remain on it once it is on our dinner table. I used to laugh that people thought that all of the growth hormones that we give our animals would actually affect our own hormones. But, then that all changed.   You see, I know that my God is the one that gives wisdom, and believe me, I pray for that often. When God opened my eyes to what we have done to his original creation, there was no going back. Because, you see, now I cannot knowingly hand a child a cracker that I know is loaded with a whole host of things, like artificial colorings, glyphosate and GMOs and feel okay about it. Because, I feel convicted. I don’t expect others to feel this way; after all, we are all on a different journey. What God has revealed to me, may not be what he has revealed to you. I will, however, not be swayed. I am okay going against what most people do and against those that laugh, the way I used to.  Because, my convictions are not yours. What I won’t do, is remain silent. I share what I know and the wisdom that God has given me, because I care about you and those around your table.”

Receiving this anonymous letter affirmed what we’ve been feeling. We cannot be silent.

We cannot “unknow” what we know, or “unsee” what we see. Our food is changing quickly and we cannot sit idly by and not share what we know or see. Technology is here to stay and it is being used to create genetically modified plants we have never seen before. This altering of the genetic code of foods presents an ethical issue for us. And then there are the chemicals. And the preservatives. How will our bodies react to these foods? In our experience and in others we know, we would say, not good.

This information is not meant to offend or criticize. And we totally understand that you might live in an environment where you have no choice in what food is available to you. We truly believe God will bless whatever food He provides for you in any situation. But we also believe that we are to speak boldly and not withhold truth.

With that being said, we believe health starts from the ground up; and we are devoted to educating people on how to eat more nutritious food for better health. We both know that we have more energy and have experienced better health since making this lifestyle commitment. Our goal is to nurture and encourage you on your journey of healthy eating. No one knows what the future holds, but until then, we will continue speaking truth with the wisdom given to us. Because we care about your health!

3 thoughts on “The Elephant in the Room”

  1. You have given me much to think about….I am gluten intolerant and some give me comments that it is all in my head…I really believe that what has been done to our food left me this way…You go—we all need this information..

  2. The first chapter of the book of Daniel teaches that plants grown from seed were chosen instead of rich meats, and those who ate them flourished.

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