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The James Project

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. It was started several years ago to raise awareness and promote the adoption of the many children in foster care waiting to be adopted into a loving permanent family. This is especially meaningful to me because our first two grandchildren are adopted.

I am struck with raw emotion when I think of the beautiful example of sacrificial love from the birth parents. Because of their great love for their sons, the birth parents chose to allow our daughter and her husband to parent their babies. What a gift to us! Words cannot express the emotions I feel when I think of the selfless act of these birth parents.

My grandsons walking together, makes my heart smile.
My grandsons walking together, makes my heart smile.

Our children were especially blessed to develop a relationship with the birth parents during both the pregnancies. (I would venture to say this is definitely not the “norm”.)  With their first son, our daughter had the privilege of building her relationship with the birth mom as she went with her to her doctor appointments the last two months. The birth mother then invited them to be in the delivery room for the birth – an incredible honor and amazing experience! Two years later, with their second son, they developed a long distance relationship with the birth parents on the east coast. And again they were invited to experience their son’s birth. (I remember the morning well. They received the call, hopped on a small plane in North Dakota and arrived on the east coast in time for the delivery!)

When Joyce and I started Farm Girl Fresh, we weren’t just focused on food. Our vision for Farm Girl Fresh was to bless people in all areas of their life. This includes donating some of our proceeds to various organizations. The James Project is one of them. It is a non-profit organization that blesses families who adopt children. We are honored to partner with them as one of the organizations we donate to each year. Please visit their website, watch their story and feel free to be part of blessing families with adopted children.

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