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The Truth about Honey

I recently had a conversation with one of our readers and was asked the question, “Is there a difference in honeys?” I LOVE questions like this and love to blog about it (so keep the questions coming!).  Here’s the answer: “Yes, there is definitely a difference in honeys.” It’s important to read labels when purchasing honey to insure you are purchasing raw, unprocessed honey.  Much of the honey today has been heavily processed with heat that destroys some of the natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals found in honey.

The color and taste of raw honey varies greatly based on the location of the beehives and the nectar they consume.  My favorites are raw wild flower honey and sweet clover honey; all of the recipes in our book are based on these two flavors. Using honey made from nectar other than these two sources will produce a slightly different tasting end product. For instance, honey made from nectar from Basswood trees has a little stronger taste than honey made from sweet clover nectar and will, therefore, affect the taste of your dish.

Some people say it’s best to consume raw honey from the region in which you live. Locally produced raw honey contains pollen that may help your immune system to gradually build up immunity against potential allergens. With the increasing number of people developing allergies, it’s nice to know there’s a natural option that may help them experience relief from allergens.

I encourage you to buy local, raw honey at a farmers market or natural food store. Buying direct from the producer allows you to ask questions about the nectar source, how it’s processed, etc. Enjoy seeking out different varieties and determining your own favorite honey!

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