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Top 5 Canning Supplies

Canning season is here. Time to stock up on all the essential canning supplies! Whether you’re a seasoned canner or wanting to try it for the very first time here’s our top 5 list for canning. In addition to these things, our book, Eating Pure in a Processed Foods World®, is full of canning recipes and specific how-to instructions for beginners. Check out page 24!

Top 5 Essentials for Canning:


1- Jars

There are a variety of jars sizes and even different sized mouths. We most often use wide mouth for canning in quart and pint size. We use half pint for jams.

Click here for quart jars. Click here for pint jars.

canning jars







2- Lids & Bands

You need new lids each time you can. The metal bands can be reused, unless they are rusted.

Click here for lids and bands.

ball lids and bands









3- Canner

There are two options for canners, the stovetop and electric. We use and like both of them. Stovetop Canners often come as a set with all the accessories needed for canning: funnel, jar lifter (see #4 below), magnet lid grabber, etc.

Stovetop Water Bath Canner










Click here for stovetop canner.

Electric Water Bath Canner









Click here for Electric Water Bath Canner.

4 – Jar Lifter

A jar lifter is essential for lifting the jars out of the hot water in the canner.









5- Hot mitts

Don’t forget to protect your hands with hot mitts when opening the lid of your canner.










BONUS…Canning Labels

It’s important to label jars with the contents and date. Why not make them look extra special? Check out our new jar labels! Click here to see more.








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