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How to Trim an Apple Tree

Last weekend I mentioned to my husband I wanted to write a blog on “how to trim an apple tree”, snap a few photos of the tree trimming process, and then share with our Farm Girl Fresh readers how to make their own homemade apple tree spray.

Minutes after our conversation, I noticed my husband checking out youtube videos on how to “properly” trim apple trees (I think he was feeling a little pressure of getting this right since photos were going to be taken).  So as he was perusing the internet for videos, I decided to start mixing up my homemade apple tree spray.

It was time to head to the apple tree (we have a couple smaller trees, but decided we would start with the oldest tree first).

Now for you men reading this blog, I have to say, my experience of a man with a saw of any kind in his hand, is dangerous. So I confess, I was hesitant about the tree trimming thing right from the beginning. So as he begins to climb the ladder, he looks over and says, “How about this limb?” “Should I cut this limb off?” “Fine.”  “How about this limb?” “Fine.”

After about 3 or 4 limbs coming off the tree, I begin to get a little nervous. He now starts trying to convince me that more sunshine needs to get to the middle of the tree.

Off goes another limb, and another limb, and another limb (while he’s sawing, I’m standing there envisioning big, crispy, red, apples that will not be hanging on my tree!). At this point, internal combustion is occurring, and I feel like an explosion is about to take place. And, I know this is not going to look pretty, so off I stomp to the house (so mature right?).  Needless to say, he suddenly stopped trimming (I’m sure to please his wife) and the ladder still stands by the tree.

Today as I peer out my window (days later and the ladder is still standing by the tree), I’m wondering just how many apples will hang on the tree this year. I hope I am pleasantly surprised! I’m looking forward to a great apple crop.

If you are looking to trim your apple tree, check out this great instructional video. And for the homemade apple tree spray, check out our blog next week at FarmGirlFresh.

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