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Two Farm Girls Headed to Minneapolis Home & Garden Show

About a month ago, Colleen and I were discussing what’s next for Farm Girl Fresh.  “Where do we go next?” “How do we get our message out to more people?”

After a phone call, and some encouragement from others, we decided to take a leap of faith (not sure my pulse has slowed yet) and sign up for this year’s Home & Garden Show.

Now to the to-do list.  Forms to complete, booth to build, books to transport, hotel rooms to reserve, apparel to order, painting to do and a whole host of other items to complete.  I share this only to give you an idea of what we really signed up for.

Monday morning I got up to read my new If:equip study and guess what it was titled? “Then What?” Do you think the timing could be any more perfect? A two week study asking the question “Then What?” I could hardly wait to see what message there was for me each day.

Day one started out talking about taking action, telling others (children, friends, neighbors).  And, asking the question, where are we called to go.  Day two talked about encouragement and how we need each other.  Day three talked about allowing our walls to come down, being real and honest. Day four was about “One Spirit”.  Many parts making up one, each using their gifts and talents and thriving in rich community.  Day Five discussing the importance of community.  How we are placed here for a reason.  A place to grow us in community.

As I listened throughout the week I thought about the parallels of things happening in my own life.  Taking action (we are heading to the Home & Garden Show); Encouragement (people cheering us on to take this step); Being real and honest (constructing real walls – relying on others ideas and suggestions – being real with each other with what works and what doesn’t); One spirit (builders, painters, graphic designers, IT specialist, marketing consultants and others, – all using their gifts and talents to help us); and last, Community (families spending time together – working together).

It takes alot of pallets to create a booth!
It takes alot of pallets to create a booth!
After tearing apart the pallets, the wall was created.
To help finish out the "Farm Feel" our good friend painted the finishing touches on our booth.
To help finish out the “Farm Feel” our good friend painted the finishing touches on our booth.
Almost done! Come visit our booth to see the finished product!
Almost done! Come visit our booth to see the finished product!

What lessons I am learning in taking that first step of saying “yes” to something totally unfamiliar to me.  And, what a privilege to have the opportunity to grow together in community over a simple booth at a Home & Garden Show.

Please join us at the Minneapolis Home & Garden Show February 26th – 28th and March 4th -6th.  We look forward to seeing you at booth #143.

10 thoughts on “Two Farm Girls Headed to Minneapolis Home & Garden Show”

  1. Sheila Groskreutz

    Colleen and Joyce,
    You know I am rooting for you…….you know what is next…..that much closer to the studios!
    Thinking of you both and sending warm thoughts and prayers for much deserved success!

  2. Great job on the booth-we might just have to stop in at the Home & Garden Show to see it all set up!

  3. Loving everything about the book, the booth, the blog and IF study (Go Jennie Allen!) I would love to come see you guys at the show!! I’ve got my girls down here in Rochester, mn loving the book too!!

  4. Hi, I saw you at the show. I knew right away from the name that my daughter would love whatever was in that booth, so I headed right over. When I saw your book on the counter I said I would buy one for her. My daughter was half a step behind me and she opened a book right away, then promptly started to oohh and aahh. I was going to give to her for her birthday but she got it right away. So now we are a few weeks later and she has probably made a dozen items from the book. I looked through the whole book last night finally and had to borrow it to help plan the garden this year. I should have bought 2. Now I am going to get it for wedding shower gifts too. Thank you for writing this book and imparting so much knowledge along with the wonderful recipes. Everyone should have this as their kitchen bible.

  5. Joyce and Colleen

    So fun to read your positive comment. Excited to hear your daughter has made several recipes from the book and that you are using it to plan your garden. That is wonderful! Thank you for your encouraging words.

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