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summer time

Weight Loss

This week summer begins. It is officially time to unwrap the warm layers we have been cocooning ourselves in over the spring and winter months. Often times after these two seasons, I (and maybe you, too) find myself wishing I was a few pounds lighter as summer begins.

summer time

We want to touch on the topic of weight loss if you already eat pure, unprocessed foods and yet can’t seem to shed unwanted pounds to get to a more ideal weight. We have heard from some of our followers who seem to have tried many things, and still find weight loss unattainable.

Here are a few thoughts regarding this topic:

1.) Check with a naturopathic doctor to make sure you have no adrenal or hormone issues.

2.) Make sure your vitamin and mineral levels are in the ideal range. In particular, make sure you are getting enough of vitamin C, vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin K2, iron (particularly Ferritin levels), magnesium, copper, chromium, selenium, iodine, choline, and B vitamins. Your health practitioner can run lab tests to check your blood levels to determine a protocol for you.

3.) Try to eliminate any foods you may have sensitivities to. If you eat pretty healthy, but something seems to aggravate you, or gives you inflammation, try removing it for a short period of time. Many people find that not consuming sugar or wheat aids in weight loss.

4.) If you seem to have digestive issues, look into doing a liver cleanse.

5.) Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. This is helpful in detoxing efficiently.

6.) Make sure you get plenty of sleep. It is important to try to sleep when it is dark and limit excessive social interaction late at night.

7.) Lastly, lots of people find themselves to be carbohydrate sensitive or insulin resistant. Diets high in grains, sugar (including natural sweeteners), fruits, and potatoes, can result in weight gain or the inability to lose weight. While we do not believe in fad diets, if you find yourself getting bloated from eating a high carbohydrate meal, or feeling sluggish, you may want to consider cutting back on your carbs. Many of our Farm Girl Fresh recipes fit into a lower carbohydrate way of eating. Meats, eggs, healthy fats and vegetables, make up the majority of a low carbohydrate diet. To read more on this topic click here.

Weight loss is different for everyone, and the speed at which weight loss happens also varies. If possible, don’t stress about it, and avoid having a deprived feeling. Instead, do what you can to feel like you are nourishing your body to become healthier day by day.

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