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Where oh where have my beet tops gone?

Have you ever been admiring your freshly planted garden and noticed a row of green tops missing? rabbit tracks
It’s happened to me, and to my surprise, the beet tops were all but gone…..some beautiful, furry rabbits had invaded my garden during the night!

Now, I take my gardening very seriously, so “game-on” when I have a predator in my garden.  For the last few days I have been on rabbit patrol (two and counting).  I have read that rabbits love to feed late at night and early in the morning (confirmed) and I also know that a rabbit can have up to 18 little ones (I have been told it is a good rabbit year).  So, I am thinking if I am seeing two, there are probably at least 10 other rabbits out there ready to feed off my other leafy greens.

My first attempt at getting these rabbits out of my garden is going to be a homemade repellent spray. A few years ago, a garden event speaker suggested using cayenne pepper, chili powder, tabasco sauce, garlic cloves, crushed red pepper and even black pepper in a repellent spray.  I am going to try the following recipe: place cayenne pepper (about three tablespoons), garlic cloves (six to eight crushed) and red pepper flakes (two teaspoons or so) in two cups hot water and let steep for 24 hours. Strain mixture with cheesecloth and pour remaining liquid into a gallon sprayer or gallon milk jug, and fill with warm water along with two tablespoons hot sauce and two tablespoons soap (this is supposed to help the mixture stick to the plants). This mixture can be applied directly to your plants or around the edge of your garden in the evening. According to what I have read, this mixture will need to be reapplied every one-to-two weeks, or after a rain. And if this repellent doesn’t stop them, I am off to purchase some chicken wire fencing.

If you have had success with keeping rabbits out of your garden, please share with us!

8 thoughts on “Where oh where have my beet tops gone?”

  1. Linda Watkins

    Chicken wire around the garden was the only thing that worked for us, and we have lots of rabbits in our yard. I would like to know a sure-fire way to keep the deer out of our garden though. Any ideas there?

  2. Hoping this works out for you, we have rabbits in our yard also and the chicken wire has worked great in keeping them out!

  3. Joyce and Colleen

    The sure-fire way for us to keep deer out of our garden was to put a 6 ft high fence around our entire garden. Good luck!

  4. A bit unrelated, but I’m curious what you use on your cabbage family plants for cabbage worms and cabbage loopers. I’ve got some holes on my cauliflower leaves, and have picked off several worms.

  5. Joyce and Colleen

    Here is a link with some ideas on how to deal with cabbage worms and cabbageloopers: https://www.epicgardening.com/cabbage-worms-pieris/. I like to plant spearmint plants among my cabbage plants and also some garlic. I also use a mixture of crushed garlic (about 6-8 cloves) and one tablespoon cayenne pepper. Let sit overnight in a quart of warm water. Strain and add one tablespoon liquid dish soap (make sure it is good pure soap), and add enough water to make a quart. Pour in sprayer and spray on leaves making sure to cover both sides. Thanks for the question, and hope you find this information helpful. Much success!

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