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Why Buy Organic

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One question we get asked frequently, is “Why buy organic?”  Most people assume it is all about the chemicals, but there is much more to consider.

Why Buy Organic Some of our reasons for purchasing organic foods include:

  • Receiving a higher nutrient content.
  • Avoiding artificial coloring, artificial sweeteners and synthetic preservatives.
  • Avoiding GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms).
  • Avoiding irradiation of our food.
  • Avoiding human exposure to harmful chemicals.
  • Avoiding food produced from animals given growth hormones.

We will expand on each of these points in future blog posts so you can understand the importance of each one.

Another common perception is that organic food is expensive and out-of-budget for the average consumer. We challenge you to think about how you spend your money. In our culture, the desire is for inexpensive food without much thought about the health consequences of those choices. “Cheap food” could result in a much greater expense later in life by having to pay for prescriptions and doctor bills due to a chronic illness caused by a diet lacking in proper nutrients.

As farm girls, we love the land. We want it to be preserved for generations to come. Growing your own food using sustainable practices, without pesticides, can be a fun way to start eating organic, nutrient rich, economical, home-grown fruits and vegetables.

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